Our company designs our products with the help of CAD and has advanced equipments coming up to world standards of 1980s. Even some testing methods adopt CAT.

Standard of Execution: national standard in conformity with safe requirements for bicycle-B356593 Compared with the quality of products in the same trade with advanced world level, our products have come up the level of products from British Langling Company.

We were ever awarded the title of "National Silver Medal" and "Quality Medal" by both Ministry of Light Industry and Jiangsu Province.

With a 8% market share in the country (35% in Jiangsu Province), our company ranks 3# in the same trade.

The total sales of our company in 1997 and in 1996 are 290,000,000 yuan and 363,880,000 yuan respectively.

Light Industry

Enterprise: Changzhou Golden Lion Bicycle Industrial Trade Group Company
Address: 59 Garden Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
Postcode: 213016
President: Lu, Rongfang
Tel: 3270453
Person to contact: Feng, Yuexiong
Tel: 3275344
E-mail: ceijs@mx.js.cei.gov.cn

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