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Jiangsu East Mechano-Electronic (Group)Co., is established in 1988 and it is an enterprise group consists of 20 subcontractors, 3 research institute, 5 trade companies and 1 hotel with the key factory is Changshu Refrigerating Equipment Works. They are located in different areas, involve in different industries and belong to different ownership .The group headquarters is located in the historical and cultural city-Changshu, Jiangsu Province.In the south near Suzhou, in the east by Shanghai,in the west close to Wuxi and the Yangtse River is in the north. It is convenient for transportation and communication, sufficient for power and beautiful for environment.

The main products of the group are:refrigerators, freezers, refrigerating compressors,motor-bicycles, metal safety doors, air-conditioners, converters and colliery mechanisms,carburetors for motorcycle,and banking appliances, etd.


The key factory, Changshu Refrigerating Equipment works is the State pointed manufacturer of refrigerator(freezer)and hermetic refrigerating compressor. Its staff is over 1200 persons, including 180 technicians and administration persons. The fixed assets is more than 80,000,000 RMB,the whole area is 126,000 sq m including 71,000 sq m workshop construction area. The manufacturing scale is enlarging continuously since it started to develop refrigerating products from 1983. Now both Baixue refrigerators (freezers) and its compressors have the production capacity of 1,000,000 units per year. In 1998, the production volume is 400,000 units for refrigerator(freezer)and 600,000 units for compressor. They are listed respectively at the 3rd place and 7th place in the same industry of State.

The philosophy of enterprise is "Pursue perfect forever".
Credit Status of Enterprise
Credit Status AAA China Industrial and Commercial Bank, Suzhou Branch
Credit Status AAA China Construction Bank, Suzhou Branch

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Enterprise£ºJiangsu East Mechano-Electronic(group)Co.(Changshu Refrigerating Equipment Works)
Address£ºBaixue Road,Changshu,Jiangsu
President£ºZhu Qin Bao
Business Contact£ºChen Wei

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