product1LIANZHONG SERIES FRP PIPES are manufactured based on the advanced imported equipment and technology from Italy, combining the advanced foreign technology with excellent Chinese-made raw materials. We can supply high quality LIANZHONG FRP FIPES from 15mm to 4000mm in diame- ter and from 0.6MPa to 4.0MPa of working-pressure. Characteristic:

1. Excellent mechanical & physical properties. The density of FRP pipe is almost one-quarter or one-fifth of, the relative strength higher than, thermal expansion coefficient almost the same as, and the heat conductivity coefficient is only 0.5% of that of steel. FRP pipe is a kind of prominent heat and electricity insulator.

2. Excellent chemical-resistance and long life-time. Lianzhong FRP pipe occupies excellent chemical-resistant properties and can be used to convey many kinds of acid, alkalimedium or solvent. Its lifetime is several times that of steel, and even longer than that of stainless stell.

3. Excellent hydro-mechanical properties. The inner surface of FRP pipe is quite smooth, and the pipe itself can be almost considered as the hydro-mechanical smooth one.

4. The low cost for installation & repairment. Generally speaking, it is unnecessary for FRP pipe to be treated specially for corrosion- resistance. Heat preservation can be thinner and even otiose for FRP pipe.

It is easy to lift and install FRP pipe for it is light, meanwh- ile pipe's support can be simplified. Usually FRP pipe is longer than steel pipe so connection of FRP pipe is fewer than that of steel pipe.

As a result, the cost for pipe installion and maintenance would be low.

5. More plans are available and easy to change.

We can change physical and chemical properties by choosing different resin and strengthening material in order to meet different need and work in kinds of media. By selecting different thickness, winding, angle and the construction, the pipe can be designed to resist different loads and possess different properties.

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