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enterprise view1Jiangsu Jiang Dong Group Co., Ltd. is a key enterprise producing medium and small-power diesel engines in the country. For many years, we have actively implemented a strategy of famous brand and adhered to keeping our products' quality to create famous brand and promote the development of the enterprise.

"Jiang Dong" diesel engine is well-known in the country for its high-grade quality and excellent service of the enterprise.

Our enterprise has developed from a unknown local plant to the key enterprise of Jiangsu machinery industry, one of the 500 largest industrial enterprise of China and the 100 largest machinery industrial enterprises of China.

It has a good reputation as one of "Four Big Families" in small-power diesel engine trade of China. It has realized the goal of" Have the feet firmly planted in domestic market and rule the same trade". Its output value, profits tax and other economic indexes have increased year by year.

presidentIn 1996, it procuced 370 thousand all kinds of diesel engines,Its sales income reach 750 million yuan RMB and its profit is 50.08 million yuan RMB.In 1997 produced 518 thousand engines,sales income 946 million yuan RMB,profit 55.2 million yuan RMB, while in 1998 587 thousand engines,sales income 100.4 million yuan RMB,profit 57 million yuan RMB.Its fund profit far and export volume rank first among the same tradeof China,and its product output and profit rank third among trade of China.

For many years the enterprise attached importance to quality and carryed out international standards.It etablised complete quality system and effective mechanism. It single -cylinder and mutil-cylinder diesel engine passed the GB/T19901-ISO9001 quality assurance model certification by China Quality Certification Centre for Import and Export commodities and Jiangsu Quality Assurance Centre seperately.

For many years, the enterprise has aimed at domestic and international advanced technology and the development of new-type power products. Now if has single and multi-cylinder two series of more than 30 items. "Jiang Dong" Series of products sell to 25 provinces of China and South east Asia South Africa, North America, etc, over 30 countries and regions.

Its domestic market ratio is 15% and its foreign exchange earned by export has surpassed 10 million us dollars for three years in succession.

Jiang Dong Group is a state-invested company, owning national assets managing power, as one of the 1000 Giant Enterprises fostered by the National Economy and Trade Commission and the 100 Giant Enterprises fostered by the Ex- Ministry of Machinery.

Its development has been greatly supported by the national, provincial and municipal governments Approved by National Negotiable Securities Supervision Committee, Jiang Dong 5.5 million A stock has gone to the market.

The enterprise is confronted with new developing opportunities.

The group's basic guiding ideology and goal in "Ninth-Fire Plan" is: grasp the opportunities, deepen the reform with multi business management to develop to large-scale and first-class enterprise in the same trade.

By the end of the century, the developing guidance is to have annual sales income 5.0million yuan and rank national large enterprise groups. Our enterprise is a "special-credit enterprise" evaluated by Jiangsu Branch of the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China.

Trade: Machinery

Enterprise: Jiangsu Jiang Dong Group Co., Ltd.
Address: 213, Huanchengxi Road, Yanchen, Jiangsu Province, China
Post-code: 224001
Corporate Representative: Mr. Zhu Rulong
Tel: 86-515-8311495
Fax: 86-515-8322986
Business Contact: Mr. Liang Zu Jie
Tel: 86-515-8311495-3212
Fax: 86-515-8322986
Email: jiangd@mx.js.cei.gov.cn

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