Wuxi Diesel Engine works

ISO certificateCfag Wuxi diesel engine works, established in 1943, a member of China first automobile group (cfag), is specialized in producing the diesel engine for vehicles, loaders and generating-sets. It now possesses several sub-works for foundry, forging, machining, cold-work, heat-treatment and tooling & maintenance.

As well as a diesel engine research institute under China Changchun Automobile Re-search Institute.

The main product is 6110 series diesel engine. In addition, it also produces 4110 series, x4125 series, 300 series diesel engine and 500-3150kw diesel generation-set as well as casting, etc.

The products have mainly been exported to south-east Asian, Middle-east Asian and Africa.

In 1996, WDEW was passed ISO 9001.

Diesel generation setsDiesel generating sets

Model: 300 series
Rated output: 500-3150kw
Rated speed: 500r/min
Voltage: 400-10500v
Frequency: 50hz

Diesel engine for vehicleDiesel engine for vehicle

Model: 6110 series
Rated output: 103-132kw
Rated speed: 2900r/min

6110 series diesel engines for vehicle are higher efficiency, lower fuel consumption, compact construction, durable service and convenient maintenance.

Add: 9 Tan Nan yizhi Road,Wuxi,Jiangsu

E-mail: jsjdb@mx.js.cei.gov.cn

Tel: 86-510-5014990